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Scalp Micro-Pigmentation: Is it for you?

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What is SCALP MICRO-PIGMENTATION? Scalp micro-pigmentation was developed in 2001 as an instant solution to hair loss. With Scalp Micro-pigmentation, there’s no invasive surgery, no scarring, and no downtime.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is the process of using tiny dots of color to give the appearance of stubble, similar to a buzz-cut.


Is it for me? If you are completely bald, until recently, you had few options for hair recovery. Now there’s a choice. Many men and women with thinning hair find Scalp Micro-pigmentation an optimal decision—to give hair the look of denser growth. Scalp Micro-pigmentation can even be used to approximate your hairline.

If you’ve got scars on your scalp you’d like to conceal, Scalp Micro-pigmentation can camouflage them too, including FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and hair transplant scars. For those who suffer from alopecia or other scalp conditions, Scalp Micro-pigmentation offers an attractive alternative to their present situation.


What’s involved? First, you meet with your highly trained Scalp Micro-pigmentation technician. Together, you decide on a suitable hairline, based on your natural hairline and on the shape of your face.

Then, get comfortable. Your technician gently applies hundreds of tiny dots on your scalp. A typical session lasts around three hours. Treating the whole head may take two or three sessions.

With Scalp Micro-pigmentation, we can match your natural hair color and skin tone. It’s not the same as ordinary tattooing and doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply.

While treatment is considered permanent, it can be adjusted as your hair and skin tone change. Don’t worry about going grey. If you do, you treatment can be touched up to match.


Does it hurt? Scalp micro-pigmentation hurts less than a tattoo and much less than a hair transplant. The special, single-use needles that apply the dots are 75% thinner than ordinary tattoo needles. A local anesthetic will numb the scalp, so the procedure is virtually pain-free.


What results can I expect? If you’ve decided Scalp micro-pigmentation is for you, you may be surprised at the choices you have. With Scalp micro-pigmentation, you can achieve the look you’ve wanted—almost instantly. And with no down-time, you don’t even have to tell anyone you had the treatment. Let them enjoy the view.


What does it cost? The cost varies depending on the extent of coverage needed   and how many treatments are required.You could pay anywhere from 495. - 3000.      for the finished product.






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